The North American Christian School Accrediting Agency (NACSAA) as of June 2008, has earned official recognition as an accrediting member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, NCPSA serves as a national review panel for the standards and review procedures of private school accrediting associations.  NCPSA, along with most of the regional accrediting associations (including Advance Ed-formerly SACS) comprise the membership of the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA), which is described as the "global leader in accreditation."  CITA accredits more than 32,000 public and private schools worldwide.

Edward Earwood, President of NACSAA, points out that an avenue is now provided "for our accredited schools to both maintain sound educational practice and to network with thousands of other schools and associations around the world.  We have worked hard to achieve this recognition and are pleased to offer it to our member schools."

The Alabama Christian Education Association is a member of NACSAA.  This enables member schools to have access to the privileges and benefits made available by NCPSA, CITA, and NACSSA.  Co-accreditation agreements are available to ACEA member accredited schools enabling them to undergo multiple peer reviews simultaneously.  Mr. Earwood states that "multiple reviews allow a school to establish creditable testimony of operational quality with several [accrediting] agencies while not duplicating the process."  This enables ACEA member schools to have complete access to the national and international accrediting model (CITA) while using its own accrediting program.

Please contact the ACEA office if you have questions at 205-631-3000 or